Born in the small town of Bethlehem roughly 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ changed everything. Jesus proclaimed that He was the Son of God in human form. He performed many miracles and taught many lessons to prove His godly authority with words and actions. As an act of love, He was crucified under the Roman Empire although He was undeserving of death. Jesus sacrificed Himself for sinful mankind, to save them from sin's inevitable consequence, death. To further prove this, he rose again three days after His death and appeared to hundreds. Jesus is not just a man, nor just a teacher. He is the saviour of the world.

The sin of mankind has caused separation between God and man, with the consequences of human sin leading to death. Jesus came to reconnect us with God, by paying the penance of sin in our place. He died a gruesome death even though He had led a perfect life, to reconcile us to God. Jesus proclaimed that belief and acceptance of Him is the only way for sinners to be saved from their pending condemnation. He calls for us to repent and to live the true life that was designed for us, following in God's ways.

If you would like to find out more about Jesus and what he was all about, we'd love to share his story with you! Uncover is an awesome tool which we use to read the bible with people who want to explore just who Jesus is. If you would like to read the bible with someone, follow this link to get connected or find out more! You don't have to sign up to CU to do so and we'd love to read some of Luke's gospel with you!