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Here is a list of our friendly faculty leaders:


Jake Wilkins and Laura Bligh


Sabrina Solomons (on the left) and Isablle Lee


Matthew Lee (on the left) and Alan Wang


Crystal Tang (on the left), Lauren Boucher (on the right), and Karina Lai


Isaac Johnson (on the left), and Winnie Lam

Meet the Executive Committee!


Kenneth is a follower of Jesus studying at Melbourne University. Pursuing God in the faculty of commerce, Kenneth is passionate about teaching God's word in the Bible, especially regarding the intersection of faith and work. He applies this into his role as the President of Christian Union, seeking ways by which the club can best meet its vision by sending gospel workers out into the world. He enjoys sports, music, food, photography and graphic design! Just about everything except bitter gourd.


Rebecca is an Arts student majoring in Philosophy. She is humbled to be stepping down into leadership as one of two Vice-Presidents for the Christian Union. The role is very diverse, but primarily focuses on unity among the wider CU community as well as connecting the club to other Christian communities on campus. In her spare time Rebecca works for an audio department, dabbles in finger painting, intermittently exercises, and does an excessive amount of theatre.


Nathan is a Bachelor of Biomedicine student planning to major in either physiology or pharmacology. He has a passion for sport, whether football, basketball or athletics, and in another lifetime (unless he gets his act together in this one) he would be an alpine mountaineer. Nathan is looking forward to being able to serve God and Christian Union as one of two Vice-Presidents, a role that involves amongst other things aligning the club’s practice with its vision and overseeing some of the central events. Although his course predominantly leads to careers in health science, he toys with the idea of fulfilling his childhood dream and becoming a paleontologist. During the summer he works as an outdoor education instructor and gardener.


Lydia Chan is studying Bachelor of Science, majoring in Animal Health and Disease. She feels so blessed to be part of Christian Union and is excited to be able to serve as secretary. This involves supporting the running of Christian Union events and creating an environment where ideas can be practically carried out. When not involved in CU, Lydia is also passionate about animals, loves to meet new people, and occasionally rock climbs.


Joseph is a commerce student majoring in actuarial studies, and is excited to be serving God through being the treasurer for CU. This role involves sorting through receipts, making budgets, staring at spreadsheets, and the likes. Apart from doing financial things, Joseph enjoys playing trumpet and chess, and loves meeting new people, so feel free to say hi to him!


Bethany is studying a Bachelor of Science and is hoping to major in Animal Health and Disease. Her role on the Executive Committee as Missions Representative means she gets to be part of growing awareness for what missions looks like for CUers in Australia and overseas. She is passionate about seeing fellow students get excited about how the Gospel is reaching every tribe and every nation and seeing them support CU’s Missionaries. Bethany grew up as a Missionary Kid and doesn’t always know how to answer the question “where are you from?” but she definitely knows how to answer the question “how much cheesecake would you like?”


Peter is a science student who plans to major in maths. He will be stepping into the role of leading media and communications at Christian Union. The position involves overseeing and maintaining the public image as well as the internal and external communication of CU. Peter plays guitar and occasionally writes songs when he has the time.