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Here is a list of our friendly faculty leaders:


Tom Ricketts and Zoe Donnan


Emma Fletcher and Sam Shien Wenn


Amanda Zhou and Tom Black


Stuart Yeap and Robert Doherty


Isaac Johnson and Elsa Gurban


Beth Potter and Rebecca Fullterton

Meet the Executive Committee!


Isabelle is a follower of Jesus, studying anatomy and neuroscience in the faculty of Biomedicine. She is passionate about encouraging and growing together with others in their faith in, knowledge of, and love for God. She is humbled and excited to be doing this in serving as the president of Christian Union, wherein she seeks to direct the club towards fulfilling its vision. Whenever possible, she enjoys spending quality time with people, playing word games, and dissecting her food.


Joseph is a commerce student majoring in actuarial studies, and is excited to be serving God through being one of two vice presidents for CU. His role as VP is very diverse, but primarily focuses on unity among the wider CU community and aligning the club’s practice with its vision. Joseph enjoys playing trumpet and chess in his spare time, and loves to meet new people. He is keen to serve the CU members in this way, and will spend a lot of his time seeking ways by which the club can best meet its vision of sending gospel workers out into the world.


Peter is studying a Bachelor of science and plans to major in mathematics. His role as Vice-President involves leading the club alongside the president and rest of the executive committee, but more specifically with a focus on helping Christian Union effectively fulfil its aims of reaching out, building up and sending out. Peter loves music and he plays guitar and writes songs whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys running, orienteering and playing hockey.


Laura is an Arts student majoring in History and minoring in Linguistics. She enjoys reading, geeking out over reading and buying books. She also likes chocolate and making friends (not necessarily in that order). Laura is looking forward to serving as secretary in the wonderful community that is Christian Union, and counts herself blessed to be a part of it. Her role will involve supporting and facilitating the running of Christian Union events and creating an environment where new ideas can be practically carried out.


Alan is a servant of the risen Lord Jesus Christ at Melbourne University. In this upcoming term of serving as the Treasurer, Alan will apply his knowledge from his Commerce degree to help manage the finances of the Christian Union. He enjoys studying Human Resources and Psychology, which is a result of his passion for people. Alan loves to help other people flourish, and believes that a person will be at their best once they come to understand who Jesus is from reading the Bible. As a result, Alan is always keen to chat to anyone about Jesus! In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and watching anime.


Yasmin is a follower of Jesus and a science student intending to major in Bioengineering Systems at the University of Melbourne. She is a keen netball player and is currently enjoying life on campus. Her role as General Member - Media/Communications involves leading a team dedicated to managing Christian Union wide media, as well as overseeing communication with and within the club. Yasmin is excited to commence her role and see God's will and plans for the club unfold throughout the year.


Peter is a science student who hopes to major in Computer and Software Systems. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, getting outdoors, tinkering with cars and spending quality time with others. Primarily, Peter wants to live out his faith on campus and wherever God may lead him in the future! As he takes on the position of General Member - Missions, Peter will be supporting Christian Union's Global Mission outreach specifically by facilitating the support of CU's missionary partners in spreading the good news of the Gospel across the globe!